Salad Bowl In Olive Wood – PLatters n Bowls
$ 25.00

Salad Bowl In Olive Wood

  • Salad Bowl in rustic style, perfect for personal salad service
  • Item number BO-02A
  • Salad bowl measres at 5.5" 
  • Made of Natural Olive Wood 
  • Made by hand in Tunisia
  • Sustainably harvested from baren olive trees of over 100 years old
  • Hand wash and air dry
  • Food safe- chemical free
  • Perfect for gifting of all occasions such as hostess gift, corporte gifts as well as self purchase

We must admit eating salad out of rustic Olive Wood bowl is strangely safisfying. It just somehow tastes better and feels more natural.

We are not the only ones I am sure to claim that you can never have too many serving bowls. Specially wood serving bowls and we might be partial but olive wood is quite a category on itself.

Olive wood with its hard tight pores and its beautiful veins and color gradation is perfect for home and hospitality usage. Olive wood serving pieces are enduring, ecofriendly utilitarian pieces that will instantly add old world charm to your home while fitting in perfectly with your modern environmentally safe and friendly aspirations. 

Our olive wood serving bowls are made by a family owned and operated manufacturer in Tunisia. Tunisia has been growing olive trees for millenial and its artisans have been manufacturing serving pieces from Olive Wood's hard and beautiful wood for generations. 

Olive wood serving serving bowls are very easy to maintain and care for. Simply was with hot water and small amount of soap if needed and let air dry or towel dry.  Your olive wood salad serving bowl will age beautifuly with use but to maintain its sheen, if you prefer it that way, we suggest our completely food safe mineral oil wood conditioner.