Fruit Bowl Category Stainless Steel by Elleffe Design – PLatters n Bowls

The bowl and basket

A trend that just keeps on trending... Fruit Bowl. The term "Bowl" is used loosely in this category to describe a product that can be used to serve fruit.  A stainless steel fruit bowl is a great gift no matter the size or shape. Useful to all, everyday and for all kinds of purposes. Use it as a fruit bowl, bread basket or for serving crudites or whatever else you can possibly think of. It is among the most popular gifts in the housewares category. At Elleffe Design, our modern 18/10 stainless steel fruit bowl is very diverse in shape and size and look to serve your needs.

The stainless steel fruit bowl from Elleffe Design is nothing short of a masterpiece. These modern Italian fruit bowls in stainless steel are fusion of beauty and function together. The 18/10 stainless steel in the fruit bowl is what separates Elleffe Design from others. With 18/10 as your fruit bowl, you can rest easy that your fruit and your bowl will not react with each other.