The not fancy cheese burger!

The not fancy cheese burger!

Fancy burgers are great but sometimes we just want a good cheeseburger. This is my version. Nothing fancy just great ingredients. 

Featured product: small serving bowl in stainless steel grade 18/10


  • Brioche burger buns
  • Pasture raised organic ground beef- believe me it tastes a million times better-  I suggest 18% fat content 
  • Baby arugula 
  • Organic vine ripened tomatoes 
  • Smoked Gouda cheese
  • 1 tablespoon of grilled onion
  • Kosher brined pickle - I adore Bubbies kosher dill pickles
  • Mayonaise- try avocado oil mayonnaise 


Heat pan on high with one tablespoons of vegetable oil. I use avocado oil.  Lightly grill brioche burger buns until golden brown and set aside. Salt and pepper both sides of your beef patties liberally. I use fresh coarse ground pepper. Cook patties to your liking on one side, flip over. Cook the other side halfway then top with a slice of cheese cover to melt. Meanwhile toress both sides of grilled buns with avocado, top bottom piece with good heaping of arugula and lightly sprinkle with coarse grind pepper. Top with sliced tomato and lightly dust with pink Himalayan salt. Place patty on top. Add pickle slices. Top with bun. Bit into it. Savor the sublimeness of it all. 

 Why stainless steel?

I like using stainless steel for many reasons: Stainless steel is the most hygienic material for serving food. It doesn't interact chemically with any kind of food, not even acidic or super salty. 18/10 stainless steel is ultra durable it's gonna last for decades. I don't have to

worry about it breaking. High quality 18/10 stainless steel is super easy to clean and care for. It's dishwasher and oven safe. And as if all those reasons are not enough it's good to know that stainless steel is Eco-friendly and about 60-90% of all stainless steel used in manufacturing is recycled. 

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