International Home and Housewares Show 2017 (IHHA 2017) is The Official Launch for Elleffe Design Luxury Stainless Steel

International Home and Housewares Show 2017 (IHHA 2017) is The Official Launch for Elleffe Design Luxury Stainless Steel

International Home and Housewares Show 2017 is The Official Launch for Elleffe Design Luxury Stainless Steel

Elleffe Design Exhibits their Expressive Modern Italian 18/10 Stainless Steel in a Special Way at IHHS 2017

Long Beach, California — platters N bowls, in partnership with Elleffe Design North America, announces that the 2017 International Home and Housewares Show (IHHS) is the official debut of Elleffe Design North America. Elleffe Design North America will be officially introducing their luxury Italian stainless steel at IHHS 2017.

Elleffe Design modern Italian stainless steel home décor, serveware and giftware were recently introduced to the United States through the platters N bowls retail website. After this successful soft launch, Elleffe Design will now be exhibiting at the 2017 Chicago IHA show to display new luxury stainless steel collections. While exhibiting at the International Housewares Association show in Chicago, Elleffe Design North America will be introducing new designs with a wide variety of colors not seen before in stainless steel products.

The Elleffe Design Italian stainless steel home décor and serveware are not the typical conservative pieces seen at the Chicago housewares show. The style of Elleffe Design is expressive modern which provides a unique look as if a piece of art, a look not found in North America until now. High quality 18/10 alloy of stainless steel used by Elleffe Design was chosen for its superior properties in both providing a stunning appearance and its almost care-free maintenance.

“We will be showing some amazing new collections at the 2017 Chicago IHHS exhibition” says Elleffe Design North America Director of Marketing Rami Izadyar, “If you have ever wanted gold, silver, brass or copper décor or serveware without the high maintenance or if you wanted the ability to serve food in these metals without the worries, visit our booth.”

Elleffe Design North America  can be found at booth N7926 located in the North Building discover|DESIGN Expo. Additional details about Elleffe Design exhibiting at the IHHS 2017 Chicago exhibition can be found on their website at .

Why you should consider a “greener” cleaning practice

Why you should consider a “greener” cleaning practice

The times are changing. You’ve probably noticed that when you make your routine trip to your favorite grocery or department store there are “green” options for just about everything, INCLUDING cleaning products. Before you dismiss this as a fad please know that there is good reason for this. These reasons being YOUR HEALTH and the health of THE ENVIRONMENT.

I clean houses for a living and I make a point of doing it in a way that is as safe as possible for me, the cleaner, and for the environment. This means that most of my cleaning products are homemade or carefully selected. I always stress the importance of the reasons behind my practice to my clients and serve to educate others on better ways of cleaning. Most of us can acknowledge the importance of reading the ingredient labels on the food that we buy, but it should not stop there. Many commercial cleaners are made with ingredients that are very toxic to humans, to our septic systems, and to our eco systems as well, and unnecessarily so. From ingredients that are known to cause respiratory infections, to those that are known endocrine disruptors, or to those that are even linked to cancer, it is time to pay attention and it is time to change our take on cleaning. Now I’m no chemist and even I cannot pronounce even half of the ingredients on most cleaning product labels, but making wiser purchasing choices isn’t as hard as it sounds.

As fun as I find making my own cleaning products to be it’s not for everyone so I am going to leave you with my favorite resource when it comes to shopping for cleaning products, and that is the website for the Environmental Working Group.
This website grades products from an A to an F depending on their safety risk. You can simply type in your product of choice and pull up its grade and details or you can scroll through their top rated products to aid yourself in making a better purchasing choice. Educational and shopping guides are also available to make things a little bit easier. So next time you're reaching for that household bleach to do your routine cleaning I hope you can take a second thought and consider a “greener” way of getting the job done.

About the contributor: 

Karly works as an independent house cleaner in Los Angeles who specializes in safer and gentler cleaning practices. Karly is certified in house cleaning, professional organizing, and nutrition and enjoys blogging and sharing her knowledge.


Elleffe Design picked as a trend setter by Ambiente 2016 show

Elleffe Design picked as a trend setter by Ambiente 2016 show

We are excited to hear that world famous Ambiente trade show in Frankfurt Germany has picked Elleffe Design, creators of amazing 18/10 stainless steel serveware masterpieces, as a trend setter of the year. It makes us feel great about ourselves as well for spotting Elleffe Design way ahead of everyone else and for making their gorgeous designs available to American consumers. 

The trade show that takes place every year in Frankfurt is a main event for manufacturers to showcase their goods internationally. 

We congratulate Elleffe Design and keep up the good work.