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A Bit About Elleffe Design.

A Bit About Elleffe Design.

The story is simple, it was love at first sight with Elleffe Design. But as we learned more about them, the more we fell in love with Elleffe Design and decided to become an exclusive retailer and be a small part of re-energizing the small Italian community they are part of. 

The Elleffe Design story is quite unique and their mission and what they represent is so inline with ours, we knew right away Elleffe Design and Elleffe Design North America are the perfect partners for us. 

The  stainless steel factories are situated in outskirts of Milan, Italy in this gorgeous picturesque village. Elleffe Design is located in the most northern part of Italy in an area known for manufacturing of housewares goods for generations with one of the specialties being high quality stainless steel. 

Elleffe Design's story is not unique, their entire way of life was lost when large manufacturers moved production to China to save cost and increase profits.

What is unique however is their response. The Elleffe Design stainless steel factory owners came together and created co-ops to keep designing, manufacturing with the mission to create employment, income and to preserve a way of life they have known for generations and would like to keep alive.

That is why we fell in love with Elleffe Design along with their dedication to beautiful design, impeccable workmanship and quality product that will endure for years and decades. 

 We have no doubt our clients and American consumers will embrace their craft and product and cheer and support their tenacity to swim against the odds. 





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